Drive-in Vincent van Gogh Art Exhibit in Toronto

words: Bill, source: Smithsonian Magazine

Editor’s note: I took a little liberty with the original art…apologies to Vincent. Also, I know this has nothing to do with Audi but it’s such a creative way of adapting to conditions that it prompted me to write about it.

Shows and gatherings are pretty much on lockdown these days but what if you could combine your love of art and automobiles? Well then art lovers in Toronto are in for a treat. Immersive van Gogh, a digital art show, was originally supposed to open in May in the massive Toronto Star building but with social distancing restrictions, the exhibit was in danger.

The organizers came up with an ingenious idea: why not utilize the Toronto Star 4,000sf former printing press warehouse? After all, it was empty and you could drive vehicles through the loading bay doors.

“We started to hear all of the other arts organizations in town and across Ontario and really across Canada have ceased operations and arts workers are losing their jobs,” Ross tells CTV News. “ … And that motivated us even more, we had to figure out a way that we can open this show.”

Running from June 18-28, 14 vehicles at a time will be allowed to drive in and enjoy a 35 minute show about van Gogh. The show will feature high resolution shots of the Dutch artist’s works projected on the walls and floors of the warehouse to delight your eyes while a soundtrack of crashing waves and modern music excite your ears.

Unfortunately the exhibit (nicknamed Gogh in Your Car – if you pronounce Gogh as Go as Americans typically do) is already sold out but the organizers are still planning on the original exhibition to take place sometime between July and September. After all, the show must Gogh on.