If you are interested in helping our club, please consider joining one of our volunteer committees. From local support to planning club wide events, there is a committee for everything and we’re always looking for volunteers. Check out the descriptions below for more information.

Driver Education Committee (ie: Driver Training & Track Events)

Hi Audi Club Carolina’s Family! We are already in full swing for planning some amazing events for 2022! As of right now, we’re looking at everything from Autocross, to Drag Racing, Education events, and Track days at facilities such as VIR, CMP, and NCCAR! The catch is that it takes people to help plan and execute on these events. Even if you’ve never participated or hosted a track event, you can still help, and we’d love to teach you more! If you have experience, even better!!! Please feel free to reach out to Rob Wilmoth, head of the Audi Club Carolinas Track and Driving committee to learn more about events that are in the works and volunteer to help make them a reality!

Sponsorship, Marketing & Membership Committee (Focused on supporting chapter membership and corporate sponsorship)

We are looking for help with marketing, building and maintaining sponsorship relationships, social media, and some photography for events. Whether you have sales/marketing experience or want to help out with relationships with local sponsors, we are looking for help in your local area or club wide, so please consider joining the committee to help the club. We are also looking for volunteers to help capture what we do for potential magazine articles, website posts, social media, and marketing ads.

Social Events & Charity Committee (Cruises, drives, & social events)

Events Committee is looking for enthusiastic Audi-holics that are looking to be behind the scenes on our bigger annual events like Treffen and Coastal Tour. If you like to be in know of what’s coming up and would like to help with details, then we want you! Maybe you would like to design drive routes or can volunteer to recon those drives? Even if you can’t commit to decision making or fine details but want to help day of during events please reach out, more the merrier! ⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️

Charity Committee is aiming to expand the reach of our Audi enthusiasts through community outreach and partnership with other non-profits. Our goal is to make a difference in our local communities, while also enjoying our cars that bring us together.

If interested in helping on an Audi Club Carolinas committee, please fill out the document link below:

Audi Club Carolinas Board Committee Application