Audi Q6 e-tron Test Mule Spied in Burbank, CA

photos: Paul Rivera

While we know the reveal of the Q6 e-tron is coming soon, evidence of this is particularly noticeable when US market test mules start popping up in domestic locations… like Burbank, California. And, as it turns out, should those test mules stop to charge, they’re effectively sitting ducks for eagle-eyed enthusiasts stopping in to take a closer look.

Take Paul Rivera for example. If you’re a longtime reader of quattro Magazine, then you likely know Paul’s name as a contributor and editor for many years. If you’re a music buff of the electric guitar playing variety then you may also know him as the legend and mastermind behind Rivera Amplification. Paul’s also an Audi driver and Audi Club member, so when he spied a Q6 getting juice at the Electrify America charging station in Burbank, California… well… he stopped and took some snaps naturally.

Not only did he get some interesting detailed pics, Paul was kind enough to share them with us. The shots reveal some interesting details, including the dot matrix style lighting signature of the headlights. Camouflage still hides the typical test mule hidden details, but we can clearly see a U.S. (California) license plate on what is probably a U.S.-spec Q6.

Thanks Paul for the share.