Audi B10 Test Mules Spied at Pike’s Peak

photos: Devehn Spitzer

Less than 24 hours after the Q6 e-tron was spied in Burbank, CA, another Audi enthusiast Devehn Spitzer caught a trio of B10 test mules on Pike’s Peak (of all places). It seems Audi engineers (and possibly PR staff) are definitely concentrating on logging miles in America.

Though disguised in the usual camouflage, these definitely appear to be B10 mules… specifically the upcoming Q5, A5 (or derivative) Sportback, and A5 Avant. Interestingly, unlike the Q6 in California, these cars are all wearing German registration tags. Even more interesting, the Sportback has an HN tag (denoting Neckarsulm) that tends to be where they register mules being developed by Audi Sport GmbH (i.e. RS cars). The Q5 and Avant both have IN tags, denoting Ingolstadt which is expected.

Given the limited angles in the shots, it’s hard to tell what spec these cars are. Quad exhausts would suggest S-car versions such as SQ5 and S5, or more pedestrian Q5 and A5.

We do sort of wonder if there was a PR element of these three cars being in that storied place. Pike’s Peak is the location of some key historic Audi Sport victories, so could they have been running an early drive for some German press there? It wouldn’t be the first time if so, but perhaps PR mules (unlike actual test mules) would be wearing some more colorful and stylized camouflage as we saw during the launch of the first e-tron that also went up Pike’s Peak.

Whatever the case, thanks to Devehn Spitzer for sharing them.