Spy Photo: Next Generation Audi Q3

The next generation Audi Q3, the third in line, has made an unexpected appearance as we spied a prototype on the roads around the Nürburgring performing some testing. By the first look of the prototype, it  looks like a smaller Audi Q5 in many ways. The fact that it has grown slightly also helps that  impression.

Surprisingly the prototype already has the production lights and yes, split headlights are here to stay . The upper light is working as the DRL and indicator while the main headlights are mounted a bit lower. The rear lights also have the production shape and units and is expected to have a light bar between them.

We can also see a charger port on the left front fender indicating that this is a PHEV version and most likely a smaller engine since the exhaust is hidden under the bumper. The more powerful models will have “real” exhaust pipes as Audi luckily has moved away from the fake pipes.

With the new Audi Q3 using the MQB Evo platform just like the new Volkswagen Tiguan and the Cupra Terramar, it’s likely that they will also share the engine options. All three of them will also be built at the Volkswagen Group’s plant in Györ, Hungary.