Audi & Popular Science Celebrate Eclipse Topless

How do you make a celestial event like this week’s eclipse more grounded to involve a car? It seems Audi of America and Popular Science Magazine endeavored to explore just that as they traveled to Austin, TX with PopSci writer Kristin Shawand automotive photographer Andi Hedrick.

The idea was simple. Monitor the eclipse somewhere along the path of totality, preferably a cool place like Austin, and positioned in a car that has a great view of the sky. No faux starry night headliner ala Rolls-Royce here, the pair needed something with a drop top… say an Audi S5 Cabriolet.

Shaw describes the moment of the eclipse thus, “As the moment of totality approached, nearby horses brayed and dogs barked, as if it were truly twilight. And then it happened: The clouds parted and the sky grew dark, the animals quieted, and a stillness blanketed the landscape. We could see solar flares peeking from behind the corona, and Venus appeared below the sun. Outside of the S5 Cabriolet, the car’s headlights and taillights cast a signature pattern. For a couple of minutes, time stood still, and then daylight crept in again.”

For Andi, the work was capturing the event in a masterful way. We knew that he’s an extremely talented photographer already, though we also think the resulting image speaks for itself. Read the full story of the trip HERE, and also download the highest resolution image we could find on the Popular Science website HERE should you want a wallpaper for your desktop.

P.S. We’re not sure how Andi’s digs were in Austin, but it’s worth noting he also has remarkable comedic skill reviewing cheap hotels he is unlucky enough to stay at on any given adventure. These alone are worth a follow of his Instagram account.