FoTD: Audi exclusive Goodwood Green Q8 e-tron at Audi Wilsonville

Audi aficionados who cut their teeth learning to love the four rings during the early 2000s need no introduction to Goodwood Green. Similar to British Racing Green (but better we’d argue), the paint color was common on cars like the later production Mk1 TT, B5 RS 4, B6 A4/S4 and C5 RS 6. Nowadays it’s a popular choice in the Audi exclusive range, seldom offered as a standard color but not altogether uncommon either. Finding one is like a Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt, and we think we’ve dug one up in the form of a new Q8 e-tron Prestige at Audi Wilsonville.

Hit the Audi Wilsonville website and you’ll find the color, though the stock configurator photos attached don’t match. The spec describes a different car than the photos illustrate, one with Okapi Brown leather and 21-inch aero wheels. It sounds tasteful, and we seemed to remember Goodwood Green being a configurable color over on the Audi Deutschland German market configurator. In as much, we represent it with the images you see here, which are German market spec pics but likely correct in color and wheels.

We sampled the new Q8 e-tron last fall, and it’s got noticeably improved driving dynamics over the previous car that also wasn’t a slouch. Built to Prestige spec, its $98,895 price tag isn’t exactly light, but if you’re seeking a unique EV for your garage, we’d argue this is a solid choice. Check out the listing HERE.