Audi C7 RS 6 performance…Sedan

words: Bill Cho, photos and video: Auditography

When Audi gives you a C7 RS 6 performance Avant, you make a C7 RS 6 performance sedan? That’s precisely what Alex did. He took a brand new 2017  S6 sedan and transformed it into an RS 6 performance with all the parts from an RS 6 performance Avant. This Warsaw resident wanted something he couldn’t have like the nutty Americans in our Find of the Day: A6 Avant to S6 Avant. Actually the man who made that S6 Avant is also from eastern Europe. Must be something in the water.

Anyway, thanks to Auditography, we can gaze upon Alex’s menacing Mythos Black beauty. Like I said before…nutty but brilliant. Follow Auditography on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram for high quality photos and videos. Thanks to Will B. for the heads up.