Counting Down the Days when we can get our RINGS together again.

The Audi Club of North America has announced “Beginning at 12:01am EST April 18, 2020, and running through 5:00pm EST June 1, 2020, Audi Club North America Chapters and members are prohibited from engaging in any in-person events or gatherings under the umbrella of Audi Club North America.”  They went on to say, “…protects the Club and its Chapters from poor public perception in being insensitive to the crisis.”
Audi Club Arizona will follow these guidelines in the best interest of you and your family and are hopeful it will not be extended.  The ACAZ Board is monitoring the Arizona situation weekly and should conditions sufficiently improve here we will petition ACNA for a special exception to allow strictly enforced “stay in your car” drives to our favorite twisty back roads once again.
Stay safe and stay well.  In our current situation you are doing it for all of us.