Want To Add 400 Horses and More Style To Your Audi RS 6 Avant?

words: Bill, photos: Wheelsandmore

As we anxiously await the arrival of the Audi RS 6 Avant to our shore, those mad lads in Europe are already playing with theirs. German tuner, Wheelsandmore, revealed their vision of what the perfect RS 6 Avant should be.

Through software, upgrades to the turbochargers and exhaust, an air filter kit with changed air filter box, and modified intake manifold, they claim 1010hp and 922ft-lb of torque. This is their stage 5 program so if 1010hp is too much for you, you can choose a lower power (and lower cost) option.

Wheelsandmore also offers wheels and coilovers if you value show over go. They offer three wheel choices; all in 22in. KW spring and coilovers are also available along with a handmade exhaust system with flap control.

The whole kit and caboodle (stage 5, wheels, coilovers) will run you around €69,000 ($74,500USD) but to those select few, it may be worth it.