Walter’s Audi Taps ’90s Porsche Green for S5 Sportback


Whether it’s the growth of the 80s/90s celebratory Redwood events or simply nostalgia for the Reagan through Clinton eras, there’s no doubt that these particular decades are very hot in the automotive segment. Take for example this Audi exclusive S5 Sportback in inventory at Walter’s Audi of Riverside. It’s painted Wimbledon Green, a metallic teal color courtesy of Porsche and specific to the 964-era 911, 968 and their period correct stablemates.

Of course, there’s nothing retro about the Audi S5 Sportback. Five-door low-slung coupes are more a sign of our times than of the 1990s from which Wimbledon Green stems. Even still, this dynamic-looking green offers a subtly unique and totally fresh take on one of Audi’s most modern models.

According to James Lee who posted photos of the car to the Audi Club National Facebook group, this S5 Sportback hasn’t gone off to a proud new owner just yet, meaning you could be the proud new owner if you fancy a 90s era green. Find out more on the car HERE.