Video: Watch Brian Scotto Almost Get Abducted, Read quattro Magazine and Buy an Audi 4000

Looking for a way to burn an hour on a Friday afternoon AND get a preview of a story bound for quattro Magazine? Tune into Hoonigan and their latest show that’s not a show. In it, Brian Scotto not only reads an issue of quattro while talking to himselves, he also heads to western Canada to pick up a 4000 quattro he bought during the pandemic. Along the way, stops for hangs with other Audi people like Justin Osmer, sleeps in a treehouse and almost gets abducted along Oregon’s lost coast.

If you don’t already know who Scotto is, you should check out two of our Unfair Advantage podcast episodes (here and here) where we chat with the Hoonigan founder and current member of the Audi Club North America Board of Directors.