Video of the Day: TT Generations Drag Race

video: carwow

The beloved Audi TT turns 25 this year and if you happen to be in Ingolstadt from July 24th to September 24th, be sure to visit the Audi museum mobile to celebrate the icon. If you can’t head out to Germany, you can at least watch the Audi TT drag race against itself. Before you are the 3 generations of the TT; the Mk1 represented by a 1.8T manual transmission and a 3.2 VR6 DSG, Mk2 2.5 5-cylinder manual, and the Mk3 2.5 5-cylinder iconic edition which was limited to just 100 vehicles. Spoiler alert – the Mk3 destroys the others but how well did the older generations do against the latest and arguably greatest? Personally, I hope my favorite generation, the Mk2, does well but I’ve been wrong in the past…many times. Enjoy!