Video of the Day: Nardo R8 Rebuild…a Labor of Love

words: Bill, photos: Tavarish, Erik Dietz, George Achorn

If you had the very last manual-transmission R8 ever built, you would probably baby it and park it in a museum-esque garage but not Erik Dietz. He bought the 2015 ‘Nardo R8‘ brand new and never looked back. It’s been to 48 states, 22 countries, and has seen 150+ track days. Over those years, it racked up 143,000 miles. Garage queen it is not.

Then tragedy struck…Erik’s fiancee was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer and everything had to go to pay for her treatments. Tavarish and Audi stepped up to help a fellow enthusiast and AutoTempest donated $20,000 to Breast Cancer research. Watch this video for the rest of the story. It’s not just a labor of love for a car but a labor of love for…love.