Video of the Day: CarWow- R8 vs R8 vs R8 vs R8…No Losers Here

words: Bill, video: CarWow

Oh to be Mat Watson from CarWow. We’ve featured him on several of our Video of the Day like this one, this one, and this one. Mat follows a familiar format to these videos: drag race, rolling drag race, and brake test. Most of the time, we feature the ones involving Audi versus the world. Today, it’s different…a sibling brawl.

What Mat has assembled here a lineup of R8s – MKI V8, MkI V10 GT Spyder, MKI V10 LMX, and a MKII V10. He and his cohorts pit them against each other in a 1/4 mile drag race, a rolling race from 70mph, and a braking test?

I think it’s a forgone conclusion on which car won all the tests but how well did the OG R8 (which was the only one with a manual transmission) do? Find out by watching the video below.