Video of the Day: CarWow – AMG A35 v BMW M140i v Golf R v Audi S3 v Focus RS

words: Bill, video: carwow

We haven’t done a Video of the Day lately but we can always count on CarWow to provide us with a humorous one. This time they gathered a group of hot hatches to do battle: AMG A35 vs BMW M140i vs Golf R vs Audi S3 vs Focus RS. The hotties went through a drag race, a rolling race, and a brake test. Who came out on top?

The AMG is an AWD 306hp 2.0T, the BMW a RWD 340hp inline 6, the Golf R AWD 310hp 2.0T, the S3 AWD 310hp 2.0T, and the Focus RS AWD with 350hp 2.3T. All were automatics with the exception of the Focus RS and the BMW was the only RWD.

The 1/4 mile drag race is humorous not only because *SPOILER ALERT* the S3 won but because of the look on the face of the AMG driver when he lost to the S3.


Best look of disbelief ever. Watch the video below to see the full race and the results of the other test. Enjoy!