Video of the Day: CarWow – 2008 Audi R8 V8 vs 2019 TTS in a Drag Race…Who Will Win?

words: Bill, video: CarWow

The ur-R8 will always be a legend while the  TT will always be called a ‘hairdresser’ car…an unfair adjective in my opinion. So what would happen if you pitted the OG R8 against the newest TTS? You don’t have to wonder any more because our friends at CarWow did just that.

As per their usual MO, CarWow did a drag race, a rolling race, and a brake test. The TTS Roadster has a 306hp 2liter turbo 4 while the R8 has the brawny 4.2liter 422hp V8. So how does the legend stack up against the hairdresser? You may be surprised. Watch the video below.