Video of the Day: Audi Presents Electric Wave

words: Bill, video: Convicts

The video starts with a black screen with Audi presents slowly fading in…giant waves and a full moon soon give way to three figures gracefully gliding across the surf. Those three figures are Stephanie Gilmore, CocoHo, and Leah Dawson…three of the surfing world’s leading personalities.

The video was shot at the Surf Ranch, a technological wonder created by Kelly Slater, himself a top surfer. The Surf Ranch is located in the most non-surfable environment:  the middle of a desert. The basin is 2,200 feet long and 275 feet wide and contains 15 million gallons of water. A 100-ton hydrofoil named The Vehicle creates waves of various sizes. Powered by an electric motor, The Vehicle runs at a top speed of 20 mph on 150 truck tires.

So why is Audi presenting? Starting this year, Audi will be the official automotive partner of the Surf Ranch…a perfect partnership between electric surfing and electric mobility. So while you are sitting at home during #socialdistancing, enjoy the video.