Find of the Day: 1991 Audi S2 Coupe…with 1,152hp

words: Bill, photos: Neso-Racing

It’s not a big secret around the office that I love S2 Coupes. From the squared-off bull nose to that rounded rear *shudder*. This one however gives me the vapors. A claimed 1,152hp, this S2 isn’t a daily driver…or is it? Here’s the ad (translated from German):


this absolutely unique Audi S2 Coupé is for sale.
The vehicle has been in my possession for over 10 years and has been continuously developed.
The vehicle is in top condition and everything is registered by the TÜV!


The trolley can easily be programmed to 230-1000. A conversion to petrol stations is also possible.

It would go beyond the Rahman to list all conversions here, but here are a few key data:
• CNC machined cylinder head
• Engine block completely machined and reinforced (3,000 km)
• Audi R8 brake front and rear
• Roll cage
• Recaro pole position
• Reinforced 6-speed RS2 transmission / Drive shafts etc.
• KW Clubsport suspension

This is NOT a 1/4 mile vehicle.

The vehicle has over 80,000 € conversion costs. Test drives are only for seriously interested parties and that in the front passenger seat.
I do not want and will not give information and tips for any modifications.

Located on the German side of the French-German border, it’s listed at €50,000 ($54,322 USD). It also lists that it has only 54,896km (34,110 miles). I don’t know if that is the mileage from the day it was produced or since engine work was done; it’s unclear. What is clear is that you could have the baddest S2 on this side of the pond or even both sides if you import it. You can find it for sale HERE.