Video: Donut Media on History of Audi S4

A regular in automotive backstory fed as video, Donut Media has applied their quick clip and humorous spin to the Audi S4. Admittedly, we think they’re editorializing just a bit, but the video is still entertaining and so warrants a mention.

The S4 model has a long history of being an enthusiast favorite over the years. In as much, it was naturally in the crosshairs of Donut’s enthusiast car focus. With such a long history, you may not be surprised to see them spend the first seven minutes (of 10) building up to the B5 era.

There’s some cool nerd knowledge in here. There’s some humor. There are some pop culture clips for good measure, a seeming Donut exclusive. Even still, there’s a bit of that aforementioned editorialization. We love the S4, but we’re not sure Audi’s modern success hinges upon it as much as they seem to say… nor that American designer J. Mays (great as he was) was as instrumental in convincing Audi to put its high performance ur quattro motor into a more practical sedan. That’s an admitted nitpick though, and it’s still worth watching the video. See it below.