Vehicle Presentation Thanks to Audi Staff Donations: Audi Q2 for First Responders in Schrobenhausen

source: Audi AG

  • From helper to patient: since its emergency vehicle broke down, BRK Schrobenhausen is depending on help
  • General Works Council chairman Peter Mosch says “our help is doubled: it goes to the first responders in the form of a vehicle and to the people in Schrobenhausen in the form of first aid.”
  • Member of the Board of Management for Human Resources Sabine Maassen: “Voluntary engagement is key for social cohesion and a long tradition at Audi.”

Every year at Christmastime, the Audi Works Council calls on the staff to participate in the traditional Christmas donation. This year, 99.7 percent of Audi’s Ingolstadt employees participated, as did the company itself. In all, €720,000 are now going to 108 charitable and social institutions, organizations, and associations in the region – either in the form of cash or as vehicle donations. The 16 vehicle donations from the staff donation include the Audi Q2 for the first responders at Bavarian Red Cross in Schrobenhausen.

The first responders of the Bavarian Red Cross in Schrobenhausen have been in action and committed with about 40 active members in the Schrobenhausen area since 2012. The team is alerted as soon as the lone Schrobenhausen emergency vehicle is deployed and first aid is needed – for traffic accidents or natural disasters. That way, first responders can bridge important time until additional support arrives. With over 300 deployments each year, these volunteers make runs almost every day. Along with first aid, that also includes ambulance services and preventive educational work.