“Audi Anniversary Dates 2022” Is Now Available for Download as a Digital Booklet

source: Audi AG

  • Twenty-eight historic highlights: products, people, company, motorsports
  • The first Audi 80, the predecessor to the Audi A4, went on the market 50 years ago
  • Ninety years of the four rings: the Audi trademark originated in 1932 in the course of the fusion of four companies, namely Audi, DWK, Horch, and Wanderer, into the Auto Union AG

In 2022, a lot remains uncertain – by contrast, however, Audi’s historical highlights for 2022 are already set. With the digital booklet “Anniversary Dates 2022,” Audi Tradition is passing on the most important information about Audi’s product and company history. Outstanding for 2022: the predecessor of the Audi A4, the Audi 80, came on the market 50 years ago. That was 1972. Additionally, the Audi logo is celebrating its 90th birthday; the four rings recall the merger of four companies, namely Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer, and the accompanying establishment of the Auto Union AG in June 1932. The digital anniversary booklet provides an overview of all 2022 Audi anniversary dates; it is now available for download.