Tom Kristensen and Frank Lamberty Autographed Audi R8 Sketch Print

photo: Denis Podmarkov

Audi Club is giving away its biggest sweepstakes prize ever this year with the winner’s choice of a 2024 Audi RS 6 Avant or 2024 e-tron GT Prestige.

This is a Tom Kristensen/Frank Lamberty autographed Frank Lamberty sketch of the Le Mans concept/Mk1 R8. In the halls of the studios the Audi design team calls home, Frank Lamberty is also very much a legend. Frank’s influence has touched too many Audi models to count, but he’s the guy largely attributed with the first-generation R8 that reset the bar in the sportscar world, then did it in the racing world by also designing the R8 LMP1.

Tom Kristensen really needs no introduction. Tom is a 9 time winner of Le Mans, several times in the R8 LMP1, and is also a Mk1 R8 V8 owner. They were both with us at Legends of the Autobahn during the Monterey Car Week and both autographed the print you see above.

From November 11 to November 19, any paid purchase of sweepstakes entries also gets you an entry to win the print…that’s all. A person will be randomly chosen so purchase now and often. Also, check out all the cool decals you can get if you purchase certain amounts of entries. Just scroll down the entries list.

Remember, Audi Club members get double entries until December 17!