The Hoonigan Coupe quattro Lives!

When last we left Brian Scotto and his ten years dead Coupe quattro, he’d pulled it out of its dusty resting place in the back of the Hoonigan Donut Garage and had begun to work on it. An intervention by his fellow team of Hoonigan on-air YouTube mates had reminded him the car wasn’t getting any younger…. and Scotto got the message.

It seems the overall plans for the car are a bit grand. Think high horsepower, a cage, and basically some sort of rally weapon… which certainly grabs our interest considering Scotto runs the day-to-day YouTube and marketing operations of Hoonigan and his partner is none other than Ford rally driver Ken Block. Rallying an impressive builds are in their blood, and that sort of thing goes hand in hand with old Audi’s like Scotto’s Coupe quattro.

For now, the goal was just a bit more conservative. Brian wanted to get the car started after ten years in relatively unloved stasis. The episode of Hoonigan Garage you see here then is more of a catch-up whereby Brian wrenches on the car and then gets it started. That his wife is on the other side of the garage wrenching on what appears to be a Nardo Grey 944 is also pretty cool. Enjoy.