Spy Photos of the Next Audi RS 7 Are Just as Captivating

Having shared spy photos of the next Audi RS 6 Avant most recently, we also wanted to take the chance to share this other set of spy photos. In this case, the test mule was caught in Northern Europe cold-weather testing and the car itself is the upcoming C9 Audi RS 7 Sportback.

Given the Audi A7 is already on sale, the basic shape of the RS 7 is somewhat expected. Even still, the body panels are covered in the usual funkadelic vinyl wrap most mules wear… and they also appear to be shrouding larger fender bulges than the standard A7.

While flared fenders are a long-held tradition in Audi performance models, it’s important to remember that the first RS 7 made do with standard A7 body panels. In that vein, it appears Audi will be stepping up the game of its highest-performing Sportback model.

When the RS 7 Sportback does finally arrive, it will share its engine and drivetrain with the RS 6 Avant. At this time, that is believed to center around a twin-turbocharged V8 tuned to about 650-hp. This engine likely will see duty in several Bentley models, and may also carry over to Porsche offerings such as Panamera and Cayenne… though none of that is confirmed at this time.

See more photos below.