Oh. Hello There Next-Generation Audi RS 6 Avant!

Spies in Europe have finally caught the next-generation Audi RS 6 Avant out testing. While the RS 7 has been seen already, the RS 6 has been well-hidden… at least up until now.

Whenever the RS 6 Avant has been spied before, it has worn heavy cladding and not given much of a view of what we can expect. This particular car has mainly just funkadelic vinyl on it, and even the wheels look like they may very well be an upcoming production design. Beyond those wheels are the large brakes that are also an RS-specific bit of kit.

At the rear, we can clearly see big oval pipes. We can also see a beefier rear fascia, and a completely undisguised upper rear spoiler with the RS-design cue of an inset segment in the center of the upper spoiler.

Details on the new C-segment RS cars remain scarce. The upcoming engine is expected to be another twin-turbocharged V8. As with the previous engine, that motor is expected to be shared with Bentley and its Continental range plus Bentayga SUV. If it follows the new normal set by the RS 5’s 2.9-liter biturbo, then it may also see duty in cars like the Porsche Cayenne and Panamera. Time will tell on the latter.

Power figures will also come in time. Current rumors suggest somewhere around 650 bhp. That is expected to also be coupled with the C/D chassis mild-hybrid 48-volt system that will help efficiency. Whether or not Audi goes the route Porsche has with the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid range-topper is another interesting consideration.

When the RS 6 drops and if it will come to the USA in the end are a big point of conversation. At this point, chances are the best they’ve ever been for an American RS 6… at least since the days of the C5 RS 6.

Timing puts the RS 6 debut likely at the Frankfurt IAA auto show in September if Audi doesn’t choose a stand-alone location somewhere else beforehand.

As you can see by the photos, the spy photographers who shot this car were a bit surprised when it appeared. Now that this car has been seen out cruising though, we expect to see more of it soon.

Check out more photos from this set in the gallery below.