Spy Photo: Volkswagen GTI Facelift

More and more sightings of the facelifted Golf are coming and this time we shot some photos of the GTI for the first time.

Justlikes the other Golf models, the GTI will benefit from the new slimmer head lights and new graphics for the rear lights. The red stripe on top of the grille now seems like its going from one head light to the other just like the GTI Clubsport. Looks way better than a LED light stripe that’s so popular on new cars today.

The front bumper will also get a redesign as we can see. The black stripe on the outer corner is just what it looks like, a black stripe of tape to try and fool us and to make it look like the current model. But take a closer look and you will see the real design of the bumper, a design that looks pretty close to the one found on the, well you guessed it, the GTI Clubsport.

Inside the GTI will get the same new and bigger screen as we already have seen in the new Volkswagen Passat and Tiguan.

Power will come from an updated version of the 2.0 liter TSI four-cylinder engine which may be connected to some electrical assistance. With Volkswagen aiming to go all electric in just a few years, it’s a perfect to use the updated GTI with hybrid tech for some market testing. Most likely we will see a power bump regarding horsepower. Will Volkswagen even give the standard GTI a power figure close to the 300 horsepower from the GTI Clubsport or will they settle at around 270 HP?

With a debut most likely in early 2024 we will get answers on all of our questions.