Spy Photo: Lamborghini Huracan JV Stradale

No I’m not having a stroke…this is a different set of spy photos from the Huracan Sterrato we just published. This is the 2nd new Huracan model for 2022.

We know Lamborghini is working on the Huracan Sterrato but that they are also working on a second new model as we can show here for the first time.

Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Lamborghini, confirmed that at least four new products will be presented in the next 12 months. These are to be two versions of the Huracan and the Urus facelift, which is to bring two variants of the most popular Italian model.

This other Huracan model is most likely to be called JV Stradale and is basically a STO but without the extreme aero of the STO. Think of the JV Stradale as a Porsche GT3 Touring.

We can see a different front facia compared to the known models of the Huracan but we can also see that the big diffusor from the STO is still in place. And in order to still make it stand out, the guys from Lamborghini added a rear wing that’s smaller than on the STO but still big enough.

And what they didn’t take away from the STO is the sound that lovely engine makes.

Expect the Huracan JV Stradale to make its debut during the second half of 2022.