Spy Photo: Lamborghini Aventador Successor Spied Inside And Out

The successor for the Aventador will mark an new era for Lamborghini sports cars since it will get a V12 combined with an hybrid motor.

Back in July 2021 Stephan Winkelmann confirmed, “It’s a completely new engine, a completely new drivetrain , a new battery, everything is completely new.”

Today we can show you some new photos that also allow us some views inside the new Lamborghini. The tach is visible and we can read both the V12 and the Hybrid. And we can also see that the red-line starts at around 8500 rpm and that the car at this moment is in “City” mode ( citta´). Looking further inside we can also see two screens on the center console.

On the outside it looks like the front lights are now the production units and the rear lights are still covered under a foil, but at least they removed the fake rear light foil under the actual rear lights.

The debut is planned for the end of March 2023 and we are expecting a power figure between 800 to 900 horsepower .