034Motorsport B9 Audi RS 5 First to 9 Second Quarter Mile

source: 034Motorsport

  • World’s Fastest RS 5 Powered by Dynamic+ Tuning!

034Motorsport Dynamic+ Tuning for the EA839 2.9TT Engine in the RS 5 delivers the best experience of smooth drivability, perfect function, reliability, and added functionality and features beyond what the factory programming can provide. 034Motorsport’s Hardware and Software engineers are dedicated to pushing the envelope of what’s possible on the B9 RS 5 Twin Turbo platform and have done just that with every Hardware and Software product we sell.

In an effort to show that 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Tuning is capable of immense performance and reliability, we put rubber to the road (and track) to show what our tuning can do with the help of upgraded The Turbo Engineers TTE720 Hybrid Twin Turbos in a street trim setup.

In a street setup, the 034Motorsport Development B9 Audi RS5 was able to set a new 9-Second World Record powered by Dynamic+ Stage 3 Tuning Software.


  • 034Motorsport Dynamic+ BETA Stage 3 TTE720 (Ethanol File)
  • 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Stage 3 TCU Tune
  • TheTurboEngineers TTE720 Hybrid Turbos
  • 034Motorsport X34 Carbon Fiber Intake + Stock Inlets
  • 034Motorsport Stainless Steel Racing Catalysts, 034Motorsport Res-X + OEM Catback
  • 034Motorsport High Pressure Fuel Pump Piston Upgrade
  • Wagner Competition Intercooler & Heat Exchanger
  • 034Motorsport High-Output Red Ignition Coils
  • 034Motorsport Billet Transmission Insert
  • 034Motorsport Street Density Transmission Mount
  • 034Motorsport Billet Differential Insert
  • 034Motorsport Billet Subframe Insert
  • 034Motorsport Front & Rear Sway Bar Kit
  • 034Motorsport Prototype ZTF LP-01 Flow Formed 18×9.3 ET38 Wheels with 245/40/R18 Hoosier DR2 DOT Tires
  • Full Interior
  • Antigravity Lightweight Battery (~40lb Reduction)

This incredible achievement shows the continued devotion and development 034Motorsport has for the B9 2.9TT platform. While the 3.0T S4 platform has continued to rise to new heights utilizing our Stage 3 Tuning, our results here show that the RS 5 is capable of equally astounding performance. 034Motorsport is no stranger to developing world-class products and tuning for various Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. Our journey into the B9 platform started with our B9 Audi A4, and then B9 Audi S4 when it was released, and now the B9 Audi RS 5. These vehicles led us to develop our holistic product line on the B9 platform that substantively transforms the performance of your Audi with OEM+ refinement.

The 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Tuning Suite for the B9 Audi RS 5 2.9TT Engine was developed entirely in-house at 034Motorsport by our world-class calibrators with a combined 100+ years of experience. When developing our tuning for the EA839, we implemented key safety features to keep your engine running optimally and safely in virtually any condition – just like the OEM calibration. These were then verified by us on track through multiple high-temperature track events with our vehicles. This keeps the engine in your car happy and safe, providing consistent and repeatable power. Our Dynamic+ Tuning safely supports Stage 1 (Stock Hardware), Stage 1+ (Upgraded HPFP), and Stage 3 (Upgraded Turbos) which is in active development and testing.


With Dynamic+ software, we aim to provide consistent and repeatable performance for your B9 2.9TT equipped car. With 6 consecutive bottom 10.0 and 9.9 second ¼ mile passes, all above 138mph and within .14 seconds of each other, our B9 RS5 demonstrates exactly that. All 034Motorsport ECU and TCU software are designed to perform consistently and safely in all uses. Whether you’re on a road course, drag strip, road trip, or are simply commuting day to day in hot and cold weather, Dynamic+ tuning maximizes all available safety features found in the MG1 ECU to ensure that your car is running at its best, every time

What About With Stock Turbos?

In May 2022, 034Motorsport set out to prove that Dynamic+ Tuning Software for the B9 RS 4 & RS 5 offers the best experience in terms of drivability and refinement, power delivery, and features. In this, we set our car up to take the 1/4 stock turbo record using our B9 RS 5 Coupe.It is continually astounding to see how high-performing these stock turbos are with simple fueling and intake/cooling modifications and high quality software, all while on completely stock catalysts/exhaust systems.

Read more about the RS 5 stock turbo record here: https://www.034motorsport.com/blog/b9-audi-rs5-stock-turbo-record-10-682-128-19mph-034motorsport-dynamic-stage-1/