Spy Photo: B10 Audi A4 Avant Caught Again

Back in January, we saw the first photos of the B10 A4 Avant and now we have a new batch of photos showing the Audi A4 Avant out on test once again. So far we have only spied the Avant (Wagon) version but we think the sedan version will soon show itself as testing continues.

One thing that we notice right away is the fact that Audi is making the grille smaller again. In a world when everyone is fighting about who has the biggest grille, Audi is doing the right thing with the next generation A4 called B10 internally.

The headlights look sharper than the current generation and as we can see, the rear lights are still just prototype lights. We can also see that Audi is going for some new door handles that look smoother and most likely will give some aerodynamic benefits.

The overall size of the car has however grown by the looks of it, almost going into A6 territory.

Engine options will continue to stay petrol and diesel even if a fully electric version later on is not to be ruled out. Most likely we will also see the manual gearbox go away with this generation making it automatic only. Of course, we will also see an allroad version coming as the development continues.

Debut is said to be in 2023 so there is still plenty of time for more sightings.