Spy Photo: Audi A3 allstreet

We have spied the higher riding Audi A3 several times before but mostly called it A3 allroad.

Now we have some fresh photos and with the words from Audi that the A1 citycarver has changed name to allstreet, we think that the lifted Audi A3 also will get the allstreet moniker.

The debut should not be too far away for the A3 allstreet and we are expecting it within the next months.

These higher riding versions are getting more and more popular since they give the buyers the “off-road-look” without having to buy an SUV. Most of the car manufacturers are bringing more and more “Cross” and “Active” versions to the market. In this case, the A3 allstreet suits in perfectly between the A3 and the Q3.

Add some tacked on fender flares, change the design of bumpers and the side sills, change the grille design, make the roof rails standard and raise the suspension and there you go…the Audi A3 allstreet is born.

Earlier prototypes where all plug-in hybrid versions, (charger port on the left front fender) but this prototype is a regular powered car so most likely the allstreet package will be available within the A3 lineup and different engine options. Most likely we will also see versions with the quattro all-wheel-drive.