Sport quattro Barn Find Surfaces after 20 Years

words: George Achorn, photos:

There are few terms quite so romantic in their allusion to automotive prosperity than the term barn find. Reality and the challenge of financing a full-on restoration of a vehicle be damned, most any car enthusiast would love to find that über rare auto tucked away in some shed. For most any Audi enthusiast, the idea of finding a Sport quattro very definitely qualifies.

The Audi Sport quattro is most definitely a legendary icon in the lexicon of the four rings. Despite the fact that the long wheelbase ur quattro rally cars logged more wins and championships, it was the short wheelbase Sport quattro that was built for the legendary Group B rally spec… and along with that a requirement to build 200 road cars in order to meet homologation rules.

Sport quattros today command a princely sum. A quarter million dollars are where we’ve seen them start, at least in road going shape. Alas, we don’t know the transactional price on the one you see here, but it’s obviously not quite road going shape.

According to Bourguignon Classics, a shop in the Netherlands that specializes in Sport quattros, this particular specimen was found in this state in a barn where it has sat for the last 20 years. The firm has placed a post about it on their Facebook page, offering up some details and inquiring from the public for any more. Here’s what they shared (translation courtesy of Facebook):

We found an Audi Sport Quattro again. Not a normal one but a testcar from Audi / Walter Rorl.

This Audi Sport Quattro was last seen on public roads in 1994 “Auditreffen”in Ingolstadt.

After that Walter Rorl “damaged” this Audi testcar on the Nurburgering Nordschleife. The last owner put it in a Barn for more than 20 years and today we took it out!!
Again a Malachite green Audi Sport Quattro( one of 15 ). Totally complete but it need a little work…….

If you have pictures from this Audi Sport Quattro, please sent them to us! We want to complete the history from this beauty.

See more photos in the original post over on the Bourguignon Classics Facebook Page.