Silvercar by Audi Shuttering All Airport Locations, Moving to Audi Dealerships

source: Silvercar by Audi

Editor’s note: back in September, Silvercar by Audi announced it was expanding to local Audi dealerships to serve the local rental market. Today, they announced that they were shutting down all airport locations.

Starting December 6th, Silvercar by Audi will be closing our airport facilities. We will shift our focus from airport rental to local rental – offering the best way to road trip or simply get around town in an Audi.

A sincere thanks to all our customers who have met us and our cars at either airport or in-town locations. Your loyalty is appreciated and your premium rewards points will be retained. We look forward to serving your local travel needs at our in-town locations soon.

Coming to an Audi dealership near you

Silvercar by Audi is expanding to Audi dealerships across the country with the premium service you know and love. If we’re not in your town now, we’ll be in there as soon as we can.

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