Audi Expands Mobility Solutions Through Silvercar by Audi Vehicle Rental and Audi at Your Door Service Offering at Dealer Locations

source: Audi of America

  • Silvercar by Audi operations to be offered at Audi dealerships to serve local rental market
  • Audi at Your Door provides premium remote purchase and service flexibility for customers
  • Expansion of premium rental and purchase options enhance customer experience and flexibility at Audi dealerships

Audi of America announced the expansion of the brand’s U.S. mobility solutions with the availability of Silvercar by Audi at Audi dealerships. Customers will now have access to Silvercar by Audi at participating dealerships in several markets to rent from an exclusive Audi fleet and enjoy the customer satisfaction and premium Silvercar by Audi experience.

Additionally, Audi at Your Door – launched in May at participating dealers – offers customers a new online premium vehicle purchase and service experience. The expanded offerings continue the brand’s efforts to meet and adapt to consumers’ evolving mobility needs. Customers can rent, purchase and get on the road the way they want to in an Audi. 

Silvercar by Audi at Dealerships

The Silvercar by Audi operations update will allow new and existing customers to rent an Audi at participating Audi dealerships, providing another entry point for customers. Silvercar will continue to offer an exclusive Audi fleet with premium standard features through the Silvercar mobile app and Silvercar website, including service provided by a Silvercar Mobility Specialist on location to assist customers when needed. The newly launched Contactless Rental will also be available at participating dealerships, making renting with Silvercar by Audi a worry-free and consumer friendly experience.

“We’ve seen and heard from customers that their mobility needs are changing as transportation habits evolve,” said Stephan Zeh, Head of Audi Mobility Services. “The addition of Silvercar rentals at dealerships provides a new, convenient way for new and existing customers to enjoy the premium Audi experience in their neighborhood.”

This new accessibility to Silvercar by Audi addresses the growing demand from new and existing customers for local rental options to accommodate regional transportation, longer test drives, flexible short-term transportation and lease bridges. It allows Audi to meet both short-term and long-term consumer demands and expectations during today’s rapidly changing travel environment. For example, urban-dwelling customers are showing increased favorability toward auto travel due to the uncertainties currently surrounding air travel.

Silvercar by Audi at dealership locations launched in late July and currently include nine Audi dealerships with more to come through the end of 2020. Current locations include:

  • Audi Dallas, TX
  • Audi Seattle, WA
  • Audi Henderson, NV
  • Audi Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Audi Denver, CO
  • Audi Charlotte, NC
  • Audi North Orlando, FL
  • Audi Fletcher Jones, CA
  • Audi Wesley Chapel, FL

The introduction of Silvercar by Audi locations at dealerships joins Audi at Your Door, a new shopping experience launched at participating dealers in May, as part of Audi’s efforts to meet and adapt consumers’ evolving mobility needs.

Modernization of the Audi Retail Experience

Audi at Your Door is designed to provide customers the ease and flexibility of a premium purchase and service experience via online communication and vehicle pick-up and delivery. Simultaneously, Audi at Your Door gives customers peace of mind through contactless delivery during these challenging times with safety in mind.

With Audi at Your Door, through participating dealers, customers can:

  • Have a test drive brought to them
  • Receive a virtual trade-in appraisal
  • Purchase an Audi remotely and have it delivered to their door
  • Have their Audi picked up and returned for service

Audi at Your Door is currently offered at approximately 95 percent of Audi dealerships across the U.S.