Rumored & Rendered: Next-Generation A4 e-tron

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you likely already know that the MLB-Evo-based B10-generation platform Audi has been testing for some time in the forms of sedan/Sportback, Avant and crossover Q5. You likely also already know that next-generation internal combustion offerings will go for odd numbers (A3, A5, A7, etc.) while all-electric e-tron EV versions will go for even numbers (A2, A4, A6, etc.). So while we’ve seen those “B10” A5 versions out testing including sedan-like Sportback body style, what we haven’t yet seen is whatever comes next to be known as “A4”.

One key parameter to consider is platform architecture. Audi already works with multiple matrices of components across its product lineup, from MQB (A3, Q3, TT) to MLB (A4 on up to A8). Electric architectures are similar, where the Q4 e-tron is based on the MEB Matrix developed by Volkswagen, while the upcoming Q6 will be based on the more luxury-oriented PPE.

Presently, Audi’s best-selling A4 sedan and Q5 crossover are the smallest Audi offering on the larger matrix. However, the numerically comparable Q4 SUV is based on the MEB. Interestingly, the also-MLB-based Porsche Macan will go for PPE and thus shifts to be more equivalent to though likely slightly shorter wheelbase than the Q6. If alphanumerics are the guide, this means the A4 may be based on MEB, while the upcoming A6 e-tron is most definitely on PPE. Unfortunately, we don’t have an information to confirm either.

On the side, we’ve been playing with MidJourney A.I. design (and posting lots of Audi content over on Instagram at @4Rings.AI). One of the capabilities this is offering us is the ability to illustrate what we believe to be upcoming models. In this case, it’s a blending of the e-tron GT with the design proportions of a smaller sedan with Sportback-like trunk that is expected on the model. We’ve also made it a bit taller, considerate of the trend towards taller driving positions of crossovers or spacial constraints of floor-mounted batteries. What we’re left with is a handsome attempt to illustrate what the next-generation A4 will look like.

So should we call it B10? That’s unclear, because the MLB-based version could also be called B10 and they won’t share much of anything. Even still, “B10” simply stands for 10th-generation of the B-segment car. It’s not the more generation-specific “type” nomenclature each product seems to get. So yeah, we’re going to call it “B10” or more specifically “B10E” to designate electric.