Audi Club and its chapters exist and grow through the passion and involvement of our enthusiast members. Maybe that is you. We have opportunities for volunteers at all levels, ability, and availability. This includes everything from helping out at a particular event through to ongoing team/committee work and leadership. Interested in helping? Just put your hand up and smile.

Scroll down and check out the opportunities at the bottom of this page - the latest ones and all opportunities. If you have questions about a specific posting, please email the contact person listed in the posting. You can apply from the posting itself - and you should hear back in a couple of business days.

If you have any questions or want to learn more in general, please email [email protected]. We’ll get back to you within a business day or so.

Member of the Year

Each year, our Club recognizes an individual member, nominated by their peers, to be recognized as our Member of the Year. It is a wonderful moment where we all celebrate the volunteering, leadership, and comradery of special people who make Audi Club NA what it is.

Nominations open April 1st and close May 10th at midnight. Our Member of the Year is announced at the Chapter Leader meeting in June. While you are welcome to nominate yourself, the intent is that another Club member would nominate you. Late entries cannot be accepted. The Club BoD will make the final selection from those nominated.

The application form and instructions can be found HERE.

Board of Directors

The Club, through its bylaws and incorporation as a registered education-focused US not-for-profit, has nine directors. Each director serves a three-year term and three directors are elected each year. It is an important, unpaid position that guides the Club forward. More information can be found here.

  • Nominations open July 1st and close August 20th. You can volunteer yourself or nominate someone. Late entries cannot be accepted.
  • The application form and instructions can be found here.
  • Your current Directors are listed in the back of Audi Club's own quattro Magazine. Please reach out to any director for more information and to chat about the board and roles there.


Current Postings

We're just getting this started, so check back often for recent updates. That being said, lots to do.

Board Committee

Lots going on here - visionary stuff. Most opportunities spin up in March and April and carry through the early summer. 2021 posting should appear soon. In the meantime, email [email protected].

Club Operations

George and crew can always use a hand for ongoing or one-off projects. All are work-from-home stuff. You know the drill, email [email protected]. Specific needs coming, however, if you know SalesForce or are keen to help with sponsors, let us know.


Coming soon(ish), this is where asks of specific chapters will appear. Always stuff to do to make the membership experience better. If you got time or interest let your local chapter or us know. Need not be with your local chapter, we're all friends here.