Call for Audi Club Board Member Candidates

Election season is about to begin. Don’t be alarmed. In this case, the election is to decide the latest members of the Audi Club’s Board of Directors. All Audi Club members in good standing are eligible and encouraged to vote for three candidates to fill three positions that will be open this year.

More details can be found here

To download and mail in a paper nomination form, click here.

To nominate a board member online, use the form below.

    Nominator (person submitting the nomination)

    Nominee (person being nominated)

    Nomination Details

    Nominee agrees to be nominated:

    Briefly explain why this person is a good fit for a three year term as a Board member. (Max 400 words)

    Present the events and experiences which illustrate the nominee’s leadership and vision. (Max 600 words)

    With an emphasis on long-term commitments, describe the nominee’s involvement and experience with volunteering. (Max 600 words)

    Briefly describe the nominee’s vision for their term as a Board member. (Max 400 words)

    Any closing comments you may have about this nomination. (Max 200 words)