ACNA Member Loyalty Program

New 2016 Loyalty Benefit for ACNA Members!

Your membership in Audi Club North America has special privileges including discounts on insurance, hotels, service/parts, Audi Collection merchandise, Audi Sportscar Driving experience, Brooks Brothers Clothing and more.

One of the premier benefits is the Loyalty program which rewards members on the purchase or lease of Audi automobiles. Audi of America has announced a new Audi Club Member Loyalty Program for 2016 with the following eligibility requirements:

At participating dealers, you will be able to purchase or lease select new MY15, MY16 and MY17 Audi models at 6% below MSRP (excluding RS5, RS7, A8W12, Q5 hybrid and R8 models).

This program is compatible with any Audi retail incentive (loyalty or conquest) and AFS Special or Standard rate program unless noted in future communications.

You must have obtained an authorized ACNA personnel signature before visiting the dealership. Be sure to bring the completed eligibility form, a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance to the dealership.

You may decide to trade in another vehicle while purchasing your new Audi. These transactions are between you and the Dealer and are to be negotiated solely between you and the Dealer.

Any decision by AoA is final in all matters relating to this program. AoA has the right to cancel or amend the program at any time for any reason.

ACNA members can purchase one (1) Audi vehicle per year with this program.

For eligibility in this program, ACNA membership must be current and in good standing for a minimum of six (6) months prior to purchase or lease.

For Audi Club North America 2016 Supplier Program forms (loyalty forms) please call the national office at 262.567.5476. The new 2016 Supplier program applies to purchases made in calendar year, 2016.

Tax Deduction for Club Contributions

For three groups supporting the core mission of Audi Club North America, your expenses and contributions are tax deductible. Sponsors, event masters, instructors, staff, officers, and board members are eligible for the deductions. These contributions must directly benefit events and activities that further the driver skill improvement mission of the club. Social events and fun activities cannot be included. Documenting the activities of the club and validating contributions to the club by our volunteers are the reasons for this process. Charitable contributions will be validated by ACNA for instructors, elected board members, chapter staff, invited members (working a Board project as an example), but not “students” or “attendees” (the paid-for activity). The on-track miles of instructors (also viewed as paid-for activity) are not validated, unless those instructor-delivered miles are “instruction”, “demonstration” or “observation” miles using the instructor’s vehicle with a registered student in the passenger seat. Sponsors (companies, non-profits, individuals) contributing cash, merchandise, and in-kind services will be validated. If it can be accounted, consideration may be validated as well (“15% Discount on Repair and Parts for member’s cars” is an example). Individually, it will amount to a surprising deduction sum if you itemize your federal tax return. The contribution support form needed is posted on the Business Materials page.