2003 Red Audi RS6 for sale — $15,000

Only ~1,000 imported, ever! If you are looking for an Audi RS6 (450hp!), this is definitely the one you want! With RS6’s, you should be particularly careful of cars with ~70-80K miles (or any multiple of ~35K miles). At 75K miles, there is a very large scheduled maintenance, including changing the timing belt (over $4K). This maintenance requires pulling the entire engine out of the car. I did the maintenance, others are often selling to avoid doing it. I have been extraordinarily attentive to maintaining this car.

I just completed 95K mile maintenance early (last week, at 85K) – this is a fairly major maintenance ($1,000+) and it included a full inspection, all completed at UW Audi.

This car is a beast, the pinnacle of Audi engineering, but also the lap of luxury. If I drove more, I’d keep the car, but I just don’t drive enough to justify having the extra car.

This car has the optional hot-weather package. The hot weather package may seem unnecessary in Seattle, but it’s actually been nice. The hot weather package consists mostly of darker tinted windows (factory), sun screens, and a vent fan that runs off a solar panel in the sunroof. The vent fan runs on hot days while the car is off, keeping the interior much cooler, even when parked in the sun — and it’s solar, so it doesn’t drain the battery.

In addition to regular maintenance, I replaced the transmission around 7,000 miles ago – this was a $12,000 piece of work. I used the “opportunity” of having the engine out of the car to consult the RS6 community about what parts could/should be replaced while the engine was out. It added a couple thousand to the bill, but it meant avoiding problems later.

Non-mechanical issues: factory tinting (hot-weather package) on the back window has some small bubbles (I don’t see it anymore, but it may bother some people), left fog light cover is cracked.

VIN WUAPV64B33N905115

Contact me (Phil Klatte) at klatte<at>gmail.com or (425)753-6351