Nobody Walks In L.A.: Silvercar by Audi To The Rescue

words/photos: Denis Podmarkov

Full disclosure…I was not paid by Silvercar by Audi nor given a free rental for this story. I needed something while I was car-less and as an Audi enthusiast, who better to turn to than Silvercar by Audi?

Recently my A5 was getting a OEM+ makeover (shout out to Audi and FMS Automotive; full shoot coming soon) and I needed a vehicle to get around.

Living in Los Angeles, I had a few options: I could Uber/Lyft, rent from Turo or any other car rental place. I could also walk but this is LA…nobody walks in LA.

I had heard good things about Silvercar by Audi and as an Audi enthusiast, why would I look anywhere else? After a quick and easy transaction on their app, I was living the Q5 life.

Being an automotive photographer (*cough* *cough*) and living in one of the most scenic areas in the country, I immediately pulled my gear out and planned a photoshoot. Now you might ask, “Why would you shoot a boring SUV for fun?” Well the thing is, it’s not boring at all. It looks very elegant and at the same time, very businesslike. 

One morning, I took the Q5 up to Crystal Lake off the 30 in Azusa. It’s a breathtaking drive to get there: early morning fog rolling through a beautiful canyon, the mountains covered in snow, and when you get higher in elevation, you end up above the clouds.

All the conditions were perfect and I was very pleased with the photoshoot.  Beautiful scenery and a beautiful model made it very easy…just as easy as dealing with Silvercar by Audi. They’ve added Q7s to their fleet of A4s, A5 Cabriolets, and Q5s so you may see a Q7 in an upcoming shoot.