Member Rides (Q1 2019)

words and photos by Audi Club members

Editor’s note: This article originally ran in the Q1_2019 issue of quattro magazine. Thank you for those who submitted their rides.

David G. McLeod Jr., Silver Spring, MD

2013 Audi RS 5 & 2017 Audi SQ5

I recently retired from the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations as a Lieutenant Colonel and have been a longtime Audi aficionado. As a lifetime Audi Club member, I took advantage of the European Delivery program for both cars and subsequently installed several European parts and accessories; e.g. headlights, taillights, aspherical mirrors, visors, seat pockets and performed several VAG-COM modifications. The RS 5 was one of the first bound for the United States, while the SQ5 was the very last. I obtained my SCCA Competition License and intend to devote much more time to my local ACNA club and auto racing.

Steven Swartzendruber, Santa Cruz, CA

2018 Audi TT RS

I’m in my fourth Audi. It all began with a 1997 B5 A4 Avant TDI while living in Italy, then a 2001 B6 A4 Avant back here in the states. After a brief fling with a GTI, I returned to the Four Rings with a 2015 S3. This past summer I took European Delivery (RIP Euro Delivery!) of my favorite so far, a 2018 TT RS. The trip from Ingolstadt with the new car ended up in Monte Carlo the week before the F1 race so I got to drive those streets with the armco and catch fencing in place, albeit at 25 kph or less.

With the TT RS, I’ve upgraded the brake rotors (Giro Disc) and brake cooling for use with track pads at Audi Club Golden Gate Track Days. More modifications are planned out so that I can feel the differences through the seat of my pants on the track. Vorsprung Durch Technik doesn’t really give enough credit to the FUN we have in our Audi cars.

Brian Holman, Norristown, PA by way of Little Rock Air Force Base

2016 Audi S3

I purchased my S3 new back in 2015 while I was stationed in Ramstein, Germany, my first new car andmy first European car. My goals for the S3 were to make it as fun and reliable as possible without going too far. Before I had even taken delivery, I had already stocked up my first few mods. Over time my scope would increase, aiming more towards performance. During my time in Germany, I fell in love with the Nürburgring and made a track excursion along with a few buddies though it got cut short due to receiving a new assignment. I did get to experience Spa-Franchorchamps, Hockenheim, and Zandvoort before I shipped the car back to the states.

Now that I am stateside, my plan is to drive as many domestic tracks as possible. So far, I have only managed to make it to Memphis International Raceway but COTA is in sight. I also participate in autocross to help keep me entertained. I find now that I need to be behind the wheel of the car to have fun instead of just going to a car show or local meet. I believe this so much I even started a Facebook group for track junkies and racers alike called “Drive Hard”. Overall, I am very happy with the car. With the modifications I’ve made and the driving experience I have, the car does great as a daily driver and occasional track toy.

Rob DiNuzzo, Valhalla, NY

2007 Audi RS 4

Having been an Audi enthusiast since 2005 when I bought a B5 A4 then stepping up to a B6 S4 Cabriolet in 2009 (which I still own), an RS 4 had been one of my dream cars for several years. For about two years, I hunted for a red lower mileage example before I finally found one in St Louis, MI in March 2017. The rest is history, as the RS has lived up to and exceeded all my expectations. Audi needs to save the manual V8s!

Nick Miller, Centennial, CO

2018 Audi S4

Audi first caught my attention before I was old enough to drive with pictures from magazines and calendars lining my bedroom walls. This affinity for Audi probably turned me into the annoying child who constantly wanted to go to the dealership and look at cars with my dad. However, the interest and liking of the four rings also helped create a shared enjoyment and hobby with my father – a hobby we share and I cherish to this day.

Now an Audi family with anywhere from three to five Audis in our collective garages at a time, it all started with a red 2002 A6 with the 2.7 bi-turbo motor. Since then, we have enjoyed three A6s (C5, C6, and C7), two S4s (B6 and B9), an A4 (B8), and a Q5 (B8).

The B9 S4 is my third Audi and by far my favorite. While there was something special about the manual transmission and rumble the B6 S4 made, the new S4’s unique combination of speed, sophistication, luxury, and comfort are unmatched by the other Audi vehicles I’ve owned. Having driven 20,000 miles in 15 months, from  a long commute to a business meeting to track days with my dad, my 2018 S4 does not disappoint.

Razvan Leonte, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

2015 Audi A5 2.0 coupé

I’m a cancer survivor of 11 years and recently I’ve been though some more personal experiences that caused me to start over with everything. I bought the car in May of this year and since then I’ve driven it almost 30,000 km. I want to personalize it, and have decided it will be built as an OEM+ car since I drive so much.

Ike “Ichan” Sanyoto and Tia Sanyoto, Houston, TX

2011 Audi S5 and 2011 A4 Avant

We’ve been Audi owners since 2006, beginning with a 1998 A6 Avant that we had for about three years before replacing it with a 2005 allroad. From 2009 to 2014, we also had a C6 A6 3.2 and both were replaced in 2014 with our current S5 and A4 Avant.

I have always been an Audi fan and enthusiast. The love for Audi, especially Avants, has caused my wife to fall in love with them too. We enjoy travelling with the allroad/Avant and with our recently passed German Shepherd dog, Axel (in the picture). We’ve travelled from California to Florida in our wagons. My Stage 2+ allroad tuned by VAST and built by Reisu Motorsports was one of my favorites.

As I write this, we have another big trip planned to California to visit my family for Thanksgiving, and of course, we’ll take the Avant.

Jakub Oleksy, Des Plaines, IL

2007 Audi S8

I purchased my S8 in 2015. The car is often brought out to automotive events in our area and most people can’t believe it has a V10… until the hood is popped, that is.

Throughout the years, I have slightly modified the car; wheel spacers, tinted windows, and resonator delete with custom H-pipe set-up have proven to bring out the character of the S8. The car is a joy to drive and extremely comfortable. The interior is black leather wrapped around with wood and aluminum trim. The headliner and door inserts are made of grey Alcantara and the seats are comfortable enough to sleep in them. Then, there is the exhaust note. The 5.2L V10 sounds like a V8 below at low RPM but turns into a crisp, distinct V10 howl as you move up the rev range. I never plan on selling this beauty.