New ‘Q8 Unleashed’ Series by Four Rings Studios

Audi appears to be making like Netflix with one key element in the upcoming Q8 reveal. As part of the Q8.Audi microsite just launched, it shared a trailer and episodic outline of a series dubbed Q8 Unleashed.

At this point, most Audi enthusiasts know what to expect from the Q8. It’ll take over the reigns (from the Q7) as the Audi brand’s crossover Q-ship. What it may give up on interior volume of the Q7, it will make back in luxury, performance and sex appeal… the latter as measured in cuts to shower scenes in the trailer below.

Q8 Unleashed‘s first episode drops May 21. Installments will follow May 24, May 28, June 1 and then June 5. As for when the Q8 itself will drop in full detail, that particular detail has not yet been revealed.

Worth noting, this whole project is an interesting signaling of Audi stepping up its video production portfolio. We love the Four Rings Studios branding on the Q8 Unleashed Audi Media TV Channel on YouTubetrailer. We also noted this whole project’s timing with the launch of the .