Audi Readies Q8 for Reveal

One need only to look at Audi’s monthly sales charts to have no doubt that crossovers are the hottest thing going in the automotive segment. And, while Audi isn’t ready as Ford is to give in on the value of cars, it is prepared to stake its claim at the top of the crossover segment. Enter the Q8.

It’s not like the Q8 was a secret. Audi has hinted at its Q-ship style, performance and luxury-minded entry meant to slot in above the Q7, more crossover on par with its flagship A8 than comfortable family hauler where the Q7 currently resides. No doubt SQ8 and RS Q8 versions are on their way, but the Q8’s not out yet… well, at least for the next few days.

Audi’s about to pull the wraps off the Q8 though, and in as much Ingolstadt’s messaging machine is already getting busy. Audi AG reveled this first design drawing today via their Facebook fan page, not to mention launching a Q8-focused microsite at Q8.Audi. While we know not everyone has embraced the crossover segment, those who have will undoubtedly have great interest in this new model.