More Q3 Pics and Info from Germany

With the Audi Q3 now effectively revealed, Audi Deutschland has begun the rollout of even more information on they German market consumer website. This means those hotly anticipating the new Q3 can get an even better read on just what to expect.

Worth noting, is only offered in German. Even if you’re not a Google Translate expert though, we suspect you’ll at least enjoy the greater mix of photos and specs represented. Most prominent is an amber-colored Q3 in a color called Pulse Orange and fitted with the popular wheel design first seen on the RS 6 plus (take note TT RS and RS 3 owners seeking fitment of these for your cars).

Another spec, represented by just one photo we’ve found so far, is this Chronos Grey example. Both seem to depict more of a black optic package that is in contrast to what was seen in all the PR photos released earlier this week.

Check out more photos below, and the new Q3 page HERE.