More Audi A7 Pics and Info from

It’s likely a foregone conclusion that when Audi introduces an all-new version of an important model such as the A7, that enthusiasts will want to get their hands on everything available to them. Yesterday, what we had to share was the full press release, photos and videos put out by Audi AG’s PR team following the car’s reveal at the new Audi Design Center in Ingolstadt. Today, Audi Deutschland has followed that up with a complete consumer section complete with even more photography and information (in German) on its website

The most industrious and also curious amongst us may be heading over there now and planning a filtering through Google Translate should they not speak German. For the rest of us, more photos of other angles, confirming new details and features are the main focus. To that end, the new pics don’t disappoint and we’ve taken the liberty to also embed them into this story.

The shots themselves are beautifully done, with dynamic angles of the car casually sitting in New York. And, while it’s possible that Audi’s photographers could have spent time photoshopping the new A7 into Manhattan, there’s part of us that wonders if they didn’t perform the shoot there and that folks simply didn’t take notice.

We’d like to think that even the most casual car enthusiast would spot a car like the new A7 and recognize it for what it is, something that hasn’t been seen before. Then again, this is Manhattan where most folks biggest care about automobiles is how quickly an Uber will be by to pick them up. Looking at the number of people in the background of these photos blankly staring into the phone as they stroll past the new A7, you can’t help but notice the underlying subtext of the shoot… that electronics are key in today’s world. Good for Audi then that the A7 will set new benchmarks with these very qualities.

So what do you think? Did Audi hide the new A7 in plain sight in order to shoot these photos, or are their photography agencies simply that good that they can place the car so seamlessly into Manhattan… at least visually. You be the judge.

Learn more about the new A7 and see more of these photos (downloadable in higher resolution) on Audi Deutschland’s consumer website