Audi exclusive Cumulus Blue S5 Sportback at Oktoberfest with Audi Pittsburgh

While the autumn foliage may have been made up of warm yellow and amber orange, an Audi S5 Sportback we encountered last weekend while at Next Level Tuning’s Oktoberfest event in Western, PA was anything but. The car, part of the current inventory at Audi Pittsburgh, was painted an icy cool Audi exclusive hue by the name of Cumulus Blue.

Parked and situated, we approached the driver. It turns out that Pat McCulloch is a major Audi enthusiast who works in the service department at Audi Pittsburgh. That particular dealer is known as more than savvy on things Audi exclusive, and this car is a great example as to why. According to McCulloch, he even got to choose the color combination spec on the car.

This is Pittsburgh, so while you might think folks there might want any color so long as it’s black and yellow, that’s decidedly not the case with this Sportback. Cumulus Blue goes a different direction, easily mistaken for white, Suzuka Grey or even a light blue depending on the light. Fortunately for those color nerds out there trying to get a specific read on just how the color differs from white, McCulloch parked the S5 next to an Ibis White RS 4 sedan that shows the considerably more blue tone of the paint.

That same paint paired well with red leather that is a standard color option on the S5. It’s a bold look that’s not for everyone, but strikingly attractive enough to make you think twice about traditional silvers. Will it replace black and yellow in the eyes of the army of folks wearing Pittsburgh home team gear at the 7 Springs Ski Resort event venue last weekend? We think that it should, so long as you don’t point out that the combo is awfully close to that of the 1980s era Philadelphia Phillies. Rivalries can be a tough thing to overcome, even when they’re embodied in a seriously handsome automobile.

If you’re interested in learning more about this car, it is currently in the inventory at Audi Pittsburgh. Should you stop in for a drive, make sure to say hello to Pat and check out his off-road battle-worthy B5 A4 Avant, or ask him about the time he met Audi Sport DTM driver Mattias Ekström when Audi filmed the world’s steepest street video in the Steel City.