2024 Audi Q8 e-tron

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    Welcome to Audi Club Michigan

    We are dedicated to enhancing the enjoyment of Audi ownership for those members located in the State of Michigan. We are fortunate to have three outstanding facilities for Driver Education Safety Seminars within our boundaries and use each of them annually.

    In April, almost before the snow has left, we enjoy the Grattan facility. In July we will spend time as a Showcase display at the Gilmore Car Museum for DM9. In September we will have our Annual Black Tire Event which is an appreciation dinner and auction  for our members and supporters to help raise funds for causes in our local community as well as ongoing club operations. For 2021 we will be adding many more events as we continue down the road of returning to a new normal.

    Between these formal events, we hold technical sessions, picnics, tours and general get togethers. The times and locations are posted on the Chapter section of the national website.

    Keep an eye out for updates here and in the weekly Michigan Club update email.