Macau Grand Prix Always a Thriller (Video)

 by: George Achorn

This past weekend was the Macau Grand Prix, a race of GT3 cars such as the Audi R8 LMS that takes place on one of the world’s tightest circuits on any racing calendar, though in this case on the FIA GT World Cup. As you might expect, the race provided plenty of thrilling moments, including one of the most expensive pile-ups of racecars we think we’ve seen in a very long time.

In the first situation, there was no Audi at fault. A stopped Mercedes AMG-GT was sitting dead stop around a blind corner. Former Audi racer now a Porsche Works man and Macau specialist Laurens Vanthoor rounded that corner in his 911 GT3 and plowed into the Mercedes. With nowhere to go, but up in the case of Audi R8 LMS driver Lucas di Grassi, cars simply piled up. di Grassi’s, most spectacularly, ended up sitting on top of the pile. Watch that clip above.

One of the other more thrilling moments is when Audi R8 driver Markus Pommer goes light at the rear while cornering hard and spins his Audi a full 360-degrees before catching it and continuing on. There are saves and then there’s what Pommer managed, which is perhaps one of the most incredible saves we’ve seen as well.