Audi Club Now with On-Demand T-Shirt Archive on TeePublic

by: Audi Club North America

The merchandising team at Audi Club North America has been working hard to improve offerings for Audi owners and club members through the planning of several ranges of gear. The first of two of those efforts goes live today with a new Audi Club North America store on

For those who don’t know, TeePublic is one of the leading platforms for on-demand production of apparel. The product focus is, as may be obvious from the name, a wide range of T-shirts from long and short sleeve, crew neck to v-neck, many available colors, plus fitment for men, women and kids. Other products such as sweatshirts, coffee mugs, wall prints and more are also available depending on the design.

Shop owners on TeePublic range from private designers seeking to share their artwork to larger brands such as Merriam Webster. Audi Club North America saw this platform as a huge opportunity to offer a wide range of designs that may not make sense to stock in inventory, but are perfect when paired with on-demand production for a wide range of designs made even wider through availability printed on virtually any color, size or cut.

For now, there are three main focuses for designs with over 70 designs to choose from thus far. First and foremost are the chapters, with official chapter logos now available. Next are archival event T-shirts, where we’ve added a few that have been done in house and will be happy to add more should the chapters request them. Finally, we’re also using the platform to test new (and old) designs, things like a vintage distressed quattro Club logo from the earliest years of this organization.

Audi Club will be adding another Audi Club North America collection store in the next few weeks. That store will offer an even wider inventoried line of goods, from embroidered hats and polos to silk-screened T-shirts and more. Expect both shops to grow over time, offering a plethora of selection for Audi Club North America members and brand enthusiasts.

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, today is Black Friday. As you might expect, TeePublic is managing a Black Friday sale on all products. If you are interested in placing some of these designs under the tree, now is a great time to make that happen.

Browse the new store HERE.